1975 mint condition Blue Hole canoe

Does anyone know the value of a 1975 Blue Hole canoe (one of the originals made when the company first got started)? Mint condition. Has not been used in 32 years.

I just gave one away
A Starburst whitewater tandem. Not in new condition but not to bad.

I figure I might have got a couple of hundred if I sold it.

A more generic type might be more desirable but I still wouldn’t count on getting too much for it.

Probably an OCA
I believe that is mostly if not exclusively what Blue Hole was producing back then. The Sunburst and Starburst came much later.

Unless you come across an enthusiast/collector who prizes such a boat for historical and nostalgic reasons I would not expect to get more than a few hundred dollars, perhaps $500, for such a hull.

Although the OCA was a very capable hull for the time, most of today’s paddlers would probably opt for a different OC-2. The OCA does not make a very efficient flat water tandem and it is ungodly heavy (but durable). Whitewater tandem teams are becoming something of a rarity, and those looking for a new boat would likely go for a more modern design such as a Caption, Blast, Verige X, Nexus, or Octane 92.

I suspect a Starburst would bring a little more being a rarer hull and somewhat better all-around river cruiser.

Depends on the buyer. Just any
canoeist isn’t going to know about the historical value. Serious paddlers might know it’s a classic, but might prefer to spend their ww canoe money in other ways.

Ask maybe $800 for it and be patient. And don’t sell it to just any schlep with pocket money. Wait for someone who appreciates what they’re getting.

I think you might get 5-6 hundred for it if you’re patient.

Blue Hole
Do you still have the blue hole?