1976 Old Town Chipewyan 17 Tripper

First paddle of a new-to-me Old Town Tripper yesterday. Hutchinson-Shiner Lakes Canoe Park.


Sometimes I just want to paddle an OT Tripper.

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It’s a great 'ol boat. A very dear friend has one, but he has dementia and can no longer paddle. If it still has the old 1970’s style flat plastic seats, I would replace them with something more comfortable, but otherwise it looks like it has plenty of life left in it.


It still has the original seats. They aren’t too bad for a day trip. I may look into replacing them.

Overall, i like it. Huge amount of room, turns easy for a big girl. Not horrible paddling into a breeze. Tracks reasonably straight.

A little heavy at 74 lbs, but manageable.

Looking forward to a multiday trip planned for later this summer.

Thanks to the Wood Canoe Heritage Association, the original build sheet for the Tripper.