1978 Lincoln Canoe restoration

Hi, new user, and not sure I’m posting in correct category.
I recently acquired a 15’ 6” Lincoln Canoe. It was built in 1978. Thing was about ready for the junk yard.

I have spent the last 6 weeks spending every spare minute on restoring it.

I sanded off FIVE different colors of paint, drilled out rivets and removed gunnels (for painting), patched 11 holes, and put 2 layers of new fiberglass across the entire bottom (bottom very weak and has spiderwebbed everywhere. I had to rebuild (fabricate) the broken fiberglass end caps at bow and stern.

I’ve now rolled and tip painted it back to original color on the outside (white) and sprayed the inside back to original color (blue). Gunnels And end caps are black.

My question is, I would like to have some decals made that look original to that era. I have found plenty of images thanks to google, but I do not know the exact size of the decals it originally had. Based on pics I’m thinking about 4 tall and 12-14 inches wide.

Does anyone here have an old Lincoln canoe that could provide some info?

Lincoln is now out of business, and even if they weren’t, their logo changed years ago so ordering decals is out.

Here are some pics. Waiting on some parts to hang two seats and one more thwart.

Thanks for any help. I’m real excited to get it in the lake out back and do some fishing.

I’m new so can only post 1 pic…

Curious, did you ever find a decal for your Lincoln ? i have started the restoration on a 1974 model and am digging for the same.

and a quick correction. They are not out of business, it did look like that at one time, but they still do direct sales. I guess it is possible, but I’d guess unlikely, that they’d have some graphics for you to make copies of.

I just finished fixing up a 79 Lincoln and tried to contact Lincoln about buying decals, no response.
I ended up buying something close on ebay, they sent me a few pictures on what they could do, and I picked one style.
2 decals sent was around $10.00