1979 Sears 61025

Hi everyone. Hoping I could get more information on a 1979 Sears Model 61025. Does anyone know the value of these guys? I am looking to buy one that is listed at $600, but not sure what the true value of it would be. Seems to be in very good condition for a 41 yr old canoe.

First off what material is it made of? Second how long is it? Third put up some photos.
Sears sold aluminum and fiberglass canoes. Their model number means nothing to anyone outside a Sears store. They did not make any canoes but sold them under the Sears labels. The fiberglass canoes were very low end chopper gun construction by several companies, mostly American Fiberlite. The aluminum canoes while not equal to Grummans in terms of durability, are not a bad canoe. $400 would be a good price for an aluminum hull and $200 for the poor quality fiberglass canoes.

Thanks for the feedback. It is fiberglass

I bought a fiberglass 61027 used in 1999. Still using it 20 years later. Still in good shape for 42 years old!

600 for a chopper canoe 42 years old forget about it my opinion.

It is a lot more than I would pay.

That’s way too much for a fiberglass one of that quality, even during summer. Here are the details on it if you’re curious. 1979 Sears Spring Summer Catalog, Page 1104 - Christmas Catalogs & Holiday Wishbooks