1981 old town kayak value?

I have a 1981 old town mark 1V white water kayak. Does anyone have an idea of a ballpark value? Thank

A guess from a canoe paddler…
At 34 years old it is definitely “old school”.

Most whitewater kayak paddlers I know are NOT into "old “school” boat.

You say nothing about the boat condition?

You say nothing about any extra gear that might be included?

I saw it’s new price listed at $650.00.

I think you would probably be lucky to get $125.00 for the boat; unless it’s in like new condition, and has a wealth of extra gear that come with the boat. Start it off at $200.00; see what happens. You can always lower the price, and probably will.


Try $100
Not sure you can get it if it has been out in the sun. But no more than that.

Lettman Mark IV
It is probably a Lettman Mark IV whitewater slalom kayak. They were made by Old Town for a while. The Mark IV is the fiberglass version. Old Town also made the same or very similar hull in Royalex, which was a rare material for kayaks, and that version was called the Mark 4/0.

The boat was designed by Klaus Lettman for the 1972 Olympics. It became much copied and modified as polyethylene whitewater kayaks started to become available in the early 1970s.

The Mark IV was a world class, state of the art design - back in 1972. Time has marched on and designs and materials have advanced a lot since then. Truth is that few people would be interested in a design of that type these days, even if the hull is in good condition. I think your best chance of selling it would be to find an old timer slalom racer to whom its historical value would appeal. I would try listing it in the gear swap forum over on boatertalk dot com. But I wouldn’t expect to get a whole lot for it. Boats of that vintage are often offered up free these days.