1982 Mad River Compatriot 13ft Solo

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Just looking for any info on this FG MR. there's one for sale here in NJ listed on evilbay.http://www.ebay.com/itm/301620281420?item=301620281420&rmvSB=true In one side pic there seems to be a white rash in the gelcoat, would that be the blistering I've read about during my search here at pnet?
yes, I'm gasin for a ride. I appreciate all the replies posted about the Mohawk. thanks for any help with this relic. Ed

Yes I owned a '73 Compatriot, and it
developed hydrolysis blisters. The boat is (in my opinion) a foot short, and it is trim sensitive. Tracks OK but hard to spin. The blisters are a nuisance to treat, so I would pass it up if it has blistered. More of a cosmetic than a hydrodynamic problem. When I cut the boat up for disposal, the deep condition of the laminate was still OK. The blisters were a gelcoat problem.