1982 Old Town Kennebec (royalex/plastic) Deck replacement?

My Dad’s 1982 Kennebec needs new decks and when he called Old Town (Dealer), they said they no longer make replacement decks for this model/year. They provided a bunch of alternatives that are not an exact fit. Anybody have any experience making (or finding) replacement decks for plastic gunwales for this model? Or advice on best way to replace with a deck that is not quite the right fit. From what I understand, this deck is structural.

Oakorchardcanoe.com sells Old Town Canoe End Caps. Go to Accessories and then to Canoe Seats and Thwarts and scroll down and you’ll see them. You may need to call them to see which one fits your boat. Good luck!

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Make sure you also order the extra long pop rivets that you need to reach through all the layers when you put it back to together too. They are sometimes had to find in this day of big box hardware stores. Our OT dealer/Factory Rep in Dallas used to keep them in stock, but sadly he retired. Oak Orchard had them last time I needed them.