1984 17ft. Old Town “Canadienne” fiberglass canoe price?

I have a 1984 Old Town “Canadienne” 17’ canoe I’d like to sell, but can’t find what it would go for.
It was a Ralph Frese/Old Town collaboration.
Has wood trim and cane seats with scratch’s on the bottom.
Always garage kept.
Just getting too old to portage with it.
Always went to the Boundary Waters with it.
It needs a good home.
Going to miss her.

Curious on your responses. I need to sell a '75 OT Carleton.

Hard to say without pics and knowing how many boats are for sale in your area, but assuming average condition for the age of the boat, ask for $400-500 and see what happens. If it’s in exceptionally good shape (the varnish on the gunwales and thwarts is shiny and not checked, there are no major scratches or gouges in the gelcoat), you might be in the $700-800 range.

Thanks for your reply.
The varnish is still looking good.
At least you give me a starting point.

It is a cult boat with a following. I have a kevlar 15’ 7" model. The wood gunwales are very desirable. People will travel a long way for a boat like yours. I think it is worth more like $1,000 maybe more 1,200 to the right person.

Thank you ppine.
Was offered $500, just couldn’t sell it for that.
Going to put it in the classified section of this website later today with pictures.
Thinking it’s worth $1000.

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Thanks, just sold it for $1,200.
AND they really loved it!

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Got 5 responses.
Ended up selling it to a couple for $1,200.
They just loved it.

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Congrats. That’s awesome for you and them