1985 Sawyer Oscoda

-- Last Updated: May-21-12 4:33 PM EST --

Just picked up a bare hull for a song ($50) and am looking for information to help with the rebuild. The canoe is a Sawyer Oscoda model from 1985 (per the HIN). It is 17 feet long and 36 inches at the widest point. The hull has the large OSCODA lettering on the side. The gunnels, thwarts, and decks are all missing, as are any other labels or data plates. The seats are ash & cane and are in place, bolted to aluminum L-brackets that are riveted to the hull. The boat is fiberglass and has some minor tearing and small pieces missing along the sheer line. Additionally, the fiberglass bonds for the flotation tanks have separated from the hull.

I'm assuming this is the Family model and am looking for any documenation/photos/etc. that might be available.

Current plan is to repair the fiberglass damage, replace the gunnels, thwarts, and deck plates with wood, give it a good cleaning and paddle away. I may be inspired enough to repaint the hull, but am not committing to that yet.

I understand that this is a low value boat ($300-500 after rebuild) but the cost of the materials is my only real expense. Please note that I'm in Alaska and used/abused Coleman canoes fetch $200-400.

Any help that you can provide would be greatly apprecieated.



Can anyone help with the locations and lengths of the thwarts? Did it only have a center thwart or were there three of them?