1988 We-no-nah J-190 Questions

I just picked up a J-190 from 1988 (the last two fo the S/N are 88 so I am assuming 1988) They listed the price as $150 and any canoe that doesn’t have a hole in it an easy yes at that price imho. Thankfully I fit in the canoe and it seems to handle boat wake/waves like a champ from the bow.

What I wanted to know was:

  1. Does anyone have any information on this canoe? I only found one post here
  2. I noticed there is a thin layer of “plastic” that seems to be coming off (think plastic wrap), but the clearcoat seems to be intact under it. Any idea what this is and if I should/how to protect the Kevlar.
  3. How would you protect the wood gunwales? I was going to sand them down to clean them up then wanted to protect them with something that is compatible with the hull.

Thank you!

The Wenonah site has specs for discontinued models.


I use Badger Paddle Oil on my wood gunwales because it’s totally non-toxic and I love the look and feel of an oil finish. Watco Teak Oil is also popular. Some folks like varnish and varnish is best for outdoor storage. There are other options; a mixture of 1/3 boiled linseed oil, 1/3 mineral spirits, and 1/3 distilled white vinegar will make the wood very happy. I typically use 100 grit then 150 then 220.

Need a pic to comment on your plastic wrap.

If you want to flip the boat I might give you $175. :grin:

I have one. Nice boat for a lighter weight paddler.

@TomL I think I will hold on to it for now lol. Here are some pictures. I don’t feel the kevlar under it and it is nice and smooth. I was thinking the last owner added a layer of something onto it. It seems to be in high wear areas so hoping it isn’t the clear coat. Any insight is appreciated!

Thanks for the other info!

I can only attach one picture at a time as I am new so standby

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You got a deal! I weigh 178, kneel, bought a J180 for $300, could not keep it upright, sold it to a Waddle. Have given up trying to go fast, good luck with your new boat