1991 Old Town Camper 16--Different version than newer Campers?

I just picked up a '91 Camper from a friend. It weighs 62 pounds, but all the specs I’ve seen for newer Campers from the 2000’s say that the Camper 16 weighs 59 pounds. Are those three extra pounds because this might be an older version of Royalex? It looks thicker than the Royalex on my '01 Pack…any ideas on when/if the Camper lost a few pounds? I can’t seem to find specs or Old Town catalogues from prior to 2007.

The 1991 Old Town Canoe catalog lists the Camper at 59 lbs. But manufacturer’s listed weights are often optimistic, and this has been particularly true of Old Town, IME. Royalex sheet was not absolutely uniform in weight even for a given model so there was always a weight range for canoe models, rather than a definite weight. The same is true for composite boats to a degree that depends on the construction method. Manufacturer’s tended to list a weight at the lowest end of that range, rather than an average.

The 1991 Camper was also offered with either synthetic vinyl gunwales and rather large synthetic deck plates, or with ash gunwales and small brass end caps. But only one weight is listed for the Camper. My guess is that the wood-trimmed version was several pounds lighter, and Old Town chose this weight for their catalog.

Thanks! Great information. It’s got vinyl gunwales so maybe that’s it. Either way it’s still fairly light.