1992 Mercury Marquis

I have purchased a Mercury Marquis, I have gone to Thule and Yakima, but they don’t have racks to fit my car and kayak.

Any suggestions on how to haul my two kayaks on the roof?

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Just put them in the trunk…

Saris was the only brand that had clips for the Grand Marquis. Unfortunately, they have decided not to make roof racks anymore. However, I’ve noticed that their roof rack products are still out there. Try rackoutfitters.com. They look like they may have them. They are wonderful racks. I wouldn’t wait long to get them, cause, when they are gone, they are gone for good. Oh, by the way, you may have to take a leap of faith here, as you will not be able to go to a dealer to actually see them. But, search the archives here, and you’ll here the rave reviews.

Good Luck…Lou

92 should have
rain gutters. Get some Quick & EZ towers.

Or the back seat

if it’s got rain gutters
I’ve got four Yakima towers for it

Grand Marquis
Wouldn’t the grand Marquis be the same as the Ford Crown Victoria? If so, you would think racks would be made for those. Just a guess.

Oh, One More Thing
I have a '94 Grand Marquis and have used the Saris racks on it for several years now, and have been very happy with them.


that’s bad advice

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Kayaks could easily get lost in the backseat of a mercury marquis. Maybe in the glovebox.

If it’s the same
as a Crown Victoria, then you should definately be able to buy the towers. All the local detectives in our area have Kayaks on their roof as standard issue gear.