1994 Wenonah Catalog

Just wondering if anyone has a Wenonah catalog or knows where I can access one digitally. Just picked up an Adirondack in Tuf-weave and want to learn a little more about it. ie Specs, Weight, Material etc.

I got data sheets and catalogs of that era sent from Wenonah themselves. Email them, or I think one of the guys on here has a pdf of the cold catalog.

Tuf-weave is a proprietary lay-up of 50% fiberglass and 50% polyester cloth. Weight of Adirondack in Flex-core Tuf-weave was listed at 64 lbs with standard trim.

Other specs: length overall 16’ 0", maximum beam 36", gunwale width 35", width at waterline 34 3/4", bow height 19 1/2", stern height 16 1/2", center depth 13 1/2". Wenonah claimed 1 1/2" of rocker for this hull.

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Appreciate this. 64 lbs is right on the money after I weighed the one I just bought. I have also have a Solitude in Tuf-weave that is crazy light but seems light they used minimal material. I have not had a chance to paddle the Adirondack yet but seems like it will be a good boat for the Lakes and he Wisconsin River.![image|666x500](upload://fib8ba3i42gGWPgg0nwfEGEoWgt.jp

Try the “wayback machine” internet archive.

Tried that and nothing…