1996 Necky Arluk II repair questions

I have a 1996 Arluk II in the kevlar/carbon rib layout and it has some damage to the decks. Can anyone tell me what would be the appropriate resin for the patch. I have some Kevlar cloth to use for the repair. Should I consider anything when choosing a gelcoat?

There is also a crack in the glassed in “sleeve” the rudder cable runs through. Is the cable inside a housing, similar to a bicycle cable within this sleeve? I’m concerned the resin may cure and imped the cable’s movement. I can access this through the rear hatch.


I am no professional by any means, but if you are talking about a structural repair, find out if your boat was made with polyester or epoxy resin. Most boats are polyester, in which case you can use epoxy or polyester resin to fix it. If its epoxy, you can only use epoxy. I generally recommend using west systems epoxy for everything, just make sure in the future you use the same stuff. Also some fabric doesn’t work with all resins so check they are compatible. Keep in mind gel coat doesn’t stick to epoxy as well as polyester, so make sure any epoxy is more than fully cured and sanded before applying gel coat.