1999 Prowler Canoe Repair

I was hoping that you could help me with my canoe. I recently inherited a Blue prowler canoe that is in need repair. The # on the canoe is BHQK1478D202. The sales person at REI told me that Evergreen Canoe was the manufacturer of the Canoe. I have some gashes on the bottom that do not penetrate all the way thru but look like they need to be fixed. I believe that it is a Royalex Material. I also need to replace the yoke, Thwarts and seats. Any Suggestions direction/help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


The best sources for thwarts, yokes, and seats are Ed’s Canoe and Essex Industries:



The canoe is basically a Blue Hole OCA 15’9". Evergreen took over production of some of the Blue Hole hulls after the Blue Hole Canoe Company folded.

The canoe is Royalex. I believe that all of the Prowler versions of the OCA had synthetic gunwales. If so, the original seats and thwarts were probably suspended from the gunwales and there will be holes in the gunwales for stainless steel hardware. The original Blue Hole OCAs mostly had heavy aluminum gunwales and the seats and thwarts required brackets to mount them to the sides of the hull just below the inwales. You will want to use stainless steel machine screws and nuts of either #10x24 or #10x32 size to mount your seats and thwarts. The “24” and “32” refer to the thread pitch. Either the coarse or fine thread will work fine so long as you have the proper matching nuts.

Not all gouges, creases, scrapes, and dents in Royalex need to be repaired. Some are better left alone, but any damage extending into the foam core should be repaired. Post photos of the damage and I will tell you whether I think you need to do any repairs.

PS: The boat was made in April of 2002, not 1999.