1st canoe. Looking for soloable tandem.

I’m looking to buy my first canoe. My current boat is a WS 145T that I solo fish about 80%. Looking for a light tandem canoe to do the same in. I paddle in FL bays exclusively and wind and chop often whip up while I’m out. I don’t really paddle long distances anymore, but do need to load the canoe in my bay boat. Really looking to replace my kayak with something that fishes two people better when I need it to. All my gear is about 100 lbs. Been going back and forth between Swift P16, Mattawa, Keewaydin 16, and Algonquin 16.

First things first
are you going to solo from just in back of the yoke kneeling or are you going to sit on the bow seat backwards?

You can eliminate the Prospector. Its got a high sheer line which can catch the wind… The substantial rocker is going to make it demanding of technique and a handful in the wind.

If you are sitting on the bow seat backwards its not possible in the Mattawa with the thwart in back of the bow seat. At any rate Mattaway and Keewaydin are asymmetrical in hull shape and backwards lack the bow flare (the stern will be the new bow) to keep water out.

That leaves the Algonquin 16.

I watch solo paddlers struggle with tandems in the Everglades at times on open bays. The capacity is nice, but I outrun them every time in a dedicated solo.

You might consider an aluminum canoe for tandem and a dedicated solo. Watch the classifieds for used.

If you can kneel and paddle Canadian Style any of the asymmetrical boats will work, that is if you are a strong paddler to combat FL winds.

Looking for first canoe so it helps to hear about the Prospector. I like the idea of paddling from the bow seat if it works. I plan on putting a 48 qt cooler full of ice and my tackle box fwd of the center thwart so I could kneel if needed. I’ll paddle a couple miles at most since I can haul the canoe in my bay boat. That would make kneeling more tolerable then I can sit or stand and fish. Looks like the boat is more responsive when paddled from the center anyway. Leaning more toward an asymmetrical boat now. Thanks.

Also, I like the tandem vs solo because all of my gear is in front of me. I’ve paddled my tandem kayak from the center before and hated having my tackle behind me.