1st Kayak

I’m looking for my fist kayak. I want to use it on a local slow flat river and some local ponds. Hope some day to move to some faster rivers and want a Kayak that will grow with me. I weigh about 250ish right now. What do you suguest? I was looking at this one. http://jacksonkayak.com/jk-kayaks/recreational-touring-kayaks/rogue/ also open to used… I saw a loon 120 for sale which looked good too. I just don’t want to buy one then wish I would have gotten something else. I’m thinking that something thats easy to paddle and tracks good would be nice.


loon in classifieds for $399
In the classified ads here on p net.


I’d strongly advise one or two things:

Demoing a kayak first, perhaps even renting to fill out the season.

Buying used. If you don’t like kayaking, your loss is minimized, and if you do, you can move up to something nicer/more challenging/more capable when you get the funds. Or you can stick with your purchase!

Try to demo
There is a bit of paddling community near Toledo, Eric, p.net handle “emanoh”, is one of them.

If you care to drive a bit further to try different boats, keelhauler.org is loosely based in Cleveland, as is “Bradstreet Sea Kayakers”, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Bradstreet_Sea_Kayakers/

Both clubs have discussion boards, might be worth your time posting a question there.

There are a couple folks that bring their “Jackson Rogue Equivalent” boats ( similar to Rogue) to winter pool sessions.

kayak41north.com sometimes sells their used rental boats, Easky 13 might fit you OK.

good advice
Please pay extra for a light boat. Hauling from water is a biggie. Used kevlar boats are sometimes cheap this time of year. The retired adk people often have a super light form of plastic about 15 ft long with no rudder becuase no rudder is better than a bad rudder.

What do you mean by grow with you?
Whitewater, ocean, go faster…?

to grow with
good info… To grow with. I mean I’d like to hit some white water down the road after I get some good basics down.


You’re asking
for too much. The boat you like this year will not be the boat you want by next year. You could demo lots of kayaks but your opinion will change over time. Better to plan on two kayaks if you want to paddle on flat water and whitewater. Buy used and get a boat that’s designed for the type of water you will paddle most often.

rogue or…
Dagger Approach 10

or possibly

Venture Flex 11 - which will give you better tracking and speed on flatwater than the whitewater/rec crossover styles.

250 lbs
is too much for a Loon or any bottom rec boat.

Dagger Axis 12
Check out the Dagger Axis 12. I love this boat for paddling around the lake and slower rivers that I do extended trips on. You can get thigh braces with them too and that is nice. I have had this boat down some Class 3 and lots of class 2.

I agree that as you advance in WW you will want a different boat. I paddle a Pyrahna Ammo Large but LOVE my Axis for slower stuff and longer trips.

perception r5
Most boats are ridiculously wide and heavy