1st paddle today with the ONNO Wing

Got up early today and went to the nearest body of water (Passaic River here in NJ). Since I got the paddle, I’ve been champing at the bit to try it.

First strokes I took, my first impression was how incredibly light the paddle was compared to my wooden touring paddle. The new paddle is Carbon fiber. Not only was it light but very stiff. Really does grab the water, also forces you into torso rotation. The paddle tends to lead you into the rotation. I first fell into a groove with it after about 5 minutes of paddling. I found I had to think myself through the strokes. With more experience, I’m sure it’ll become second nature. Cruising speed seemed to increase by about 1 mph. I hovered around 5.2 to 5.5 mph.

Sprint speed going up river, I hit 6.4 MPH (against the wind), downriver peaked out at 7.6 mph.

Other observations were that if you plant the paddle wrong, you will know it right away. Also, being so light, I found I could easily increase my stroke frequencey, but tended to get a little sloppy at the higher frequency.

Patrick makes a work of art. Thanks Pat!


Had you paddled with wing paddle…
…before? I have not. Is it difficult. How about bracing with it.

How’s that Pac Action sail? Use it with the wing and go 10 mph!?

First time cooldoc…
As I said in my post, I had to think about what I was doing at first. After a few minutes it all seemed to fall into place. The hardest part was getting used to a paddle that was so light.

As far as bracing, can’t say yet. Didn’t have to. A wing paddle is much different than a typical touring paddle. The wing will let you know very quickly when you’ve done something wrong. That will take some getting used to.

I impressed myself with some of the times I hit. The wing is efficient and it’ll give you some additional speed. The main reason I got it was I wanted to have a paddle that would work well with my (newest) kayak. It does.


New kayak?
Is this another new kayak, or do you still consider the Artisan to be new?

It’s the Artisan
I’ve had it less than a year, that’s new isn’t it?


ONNO carbon
Is there a book on how to make carbon paddles? Just try to find a project for the winter :))

I’d love to make a carbon GP
over a foam base. but making a wing as a one-off project, got to love the work

Swordfish meet ONNO
S-fish, I think building a usebale carbon paddle as a one-off winter project would likely turn up loads of frustration and little useable paddling. Perhaps work a couple ovetime hours and get ONNO paddle is a thought. I am planning to get an ONNO, but uncertain about wing. Really want to read this thread and see. Likely though will get the full tour ONNO.

“Building a fleet of Prijon kayaks. hehe! Excursion, Yukon and Hurricane for now. Trust me, when it comes to plastic boats, Prijon is the best - harder, won’t sag under heat, and scratch resistant.”-- keep the faith, my s-fish. and email me if you’re ever in IL and you can try the Barracuda.

Wings are hard GPs easy >>>
ducking right now … LOL

on the body!
Sorry couldn’t resist. L

Have to agree about making either type in carbon too. GP it 4 identical parts and only requires a 1/4 mold, and assembly (some work there) I could figure out how to build and layup more easily than a wing blade - foam core or not.

My offer still stands if you need someone to test/buy your carbon GP - Pat. I am headed to the 18th Delmarva Paddlers Retreat on October 6th - so if you want a ton of GP users to see it, nows your chance!