1st post: Noob desperately seeking foot pegs

Hi all, just bought a near-pristine (2001!) Old Town Loon 160T but was a little overexcited when I picked it up (had a round trip of 7 hours driving and it was getting dark)…and I didn’t check closely enough to notice the rear seat has no foot pegs. The front has them, and there’s a rail for both seat positions for pegs…but nothing in the rear.
Can anyone recommend a source, and a particular size to shop for if necessary. The pegs for the front are 1 3/8" wide. Easy to loosen the hull screws to put new pegs in (have to replace one of the front ones too, it no longer locks).
thanks for any advice

I have a set you can have for free.

Keepers foot pegs and rails. Came from a old Dagger Magellan that I just upgraded the foot rails to a SmartTrack.

Just cover the shipping or pick up at the Store.

See you on the water,
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I contacted Old Town directly about this very thing years ago, and they mailed a set of pegs to me right away. That’s probably a first best bet.

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Thank you Marshall, a kind and generous offer of time and material.
I took the advice of Cape Fear below and called the company…they had pegs and locks for less than $3/ea so I ordered four and they’ll be here Saturday.
Thanks again, much appreciate your help.

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Hi CapeFear, thanks for that great suggestion, I contacted them, they had the parts and they’re on their way…$3/each, can’t beat that.

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That’s great to hear they were able to help you. I hope you enjoy the Loon.