1st roll 1st try

I want to thank everyone on this board for many hours of great reading on many things but especially rolling. I never thought I would want to try this a year ago. But in time and with the help of great threads here and great links to rolling vids, I got the desire, read up, watched “this is the sea” a hundread times and wow…It’s fun stuff! I tried this weekend a standard extended paddle roll with the GP and Avocet and it seamed so easy. I practiced the skulling/balance brace thingy for a few weeks and then popped off about 40 rolls Saturday. I never came out of the cockpit, but missed and recovered a couple of rolls. When the temp. is close to 100, you can’t beat rolling for cooling off quickly. I like it.

Now for the off side.

How dare you go off and do something that!?

If you go on the offside with feathered paddle, slap the sweeping blade with a loose grip on the outer hand. This will flatten the sweeping blade to the water. The offset can be confusing initially.



You have unlocked the door to endless skill developement. Now that the “fear of capsizing” is gone, you are unstoppable. You are now ONE with water.

How About 1.5?
Too much ONE can be terminal.


Good point Sing…
but, if the water doesn’t get you, the Borg will.

Enjoy your new freedom.

Anyone who can roll must relate to doing it the first time…like loosing your virginity.

Now after the romance…on to work on technique.

Nice work!
Biggest benefit is you will now be so much harder to capsize - Unless you want to. Your braces and general boat handling will be noticeably different and you be able to push thing a lot farther now.

If you got it that easy the other side should be no problem. Don’t be surprised if it feels very different. Just go with it and feel your way through.

Thanks Greyak, I am a weird duck so the offside should be no problem.

I write,shoot pool, shoot guns, pole vaulted lefty.

Throw darts, balls, bat, play guitar righty.

I’m a righty, but only be conditioning. Was ambidextrous as a kid (could write with either, forward, backward, and/or upside down). I do most things right handed now, but some things just feel better left handed (throwing a frisbee for one - can’t hardly do it right handed).

That said - offside was VERY different. Onside was solid quick, so I could switch over and come up making practicing offside easy - but it was like starting over. It came faster - but for some reason it was not like most things I can easily just reverse.

Since it took you one try - you’re probably right. Should be no problem. Why didn’t you try same day as onside?

people like you make me sick
it took me 6 months of swimming to get my roll.

and then another year or two to roll reliably in surf.

I guess I didn’t follow my plan. I practiced both sides skulling/bracing so I wouldn’t lock into a favorite side, but I guess I didn’t feel like my technique was that great to begin offside rolls just yet. I’ll try offside next time out though, hopefully in a day or two.

BTW, favorite side is roll to the left (counterclockwise) is that lefty or righty?

R/L goes by recovery side…
…as far as I know, so you’re doing it righty (though some people’s onside is not the same as their dominant hand -much as we prefer different hand for different things).