1st SOF paddle

Snuck in a quick one after work, maybe 4-5 miles. Pretty amazing.

Quite responsive for it’s 6 meter length, turning easier than my nearly two foot shorter production hull, and wicked fast. Stability is surprisingly good for a less than 19" beam. Stable enough to get in easily and day dream and fiddle with gear on water - even with the floorboards lifting me well off the skin.

In what little chop and wakes I encountered today it was evident at a few points that I’ll need some get acquainted time to learn how it responds to slop form all angles and work up to more textured water - but being so easy to roll it should be a quick and easy transition.

GPS was inop at first - but got it on toward the end. Top speed recorded was 7.5 mph - and I never felt even a hint of approaching the wall. I seems to cruise about 1/2 mile and hour faster then my QCC 700 at same effort - 5 to 5.5 vs 4.5 to 5 just cruising along) This is exactly what I was optimistically and naively shooting for - but I’ll need a lot more miles under the hull before I’m sure of that.

Put a fit paddler in it (who hasn’t been spending all non-building time eating, drinking, gaining weight, and getting out of shape) and it would fly!

Speed, good manners, and nice full laybacks. Looks like I have a new best friend. Don’t tell my girlfriend - her once boundless understanding of all things kayak finally wore out somewhere mid-build.

congrats Greyak
Seriously Kris, you should be really happy with your efforts. You did it all on your own and you should be really proud.

We will be talking soon about baidarkas.



congratulations, saw the pics and they looked great, you’ve got 4 weeks till the B&B to show it off.


4 weeks?
I need more like 12 months so I can be in better shape to race it. L

Got that Vampire yet?

Baidarka’s all you
You’re gonna need one to keep up. L

I already have a higher volume gear hauling go fast boat with long waterline and volume in the ends. A baidarka and a QCC 700 would be a bit redundant. I don’t need a flexible keel either as we have no decent swells to slink over.

If anything, I need to trim my fleet. If I were to build another it would probably be a much lower volume rolling machine, that Kim could use as a general purpose boat (still a little big on her - but a lot tighter than her Pintail). That’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

Naples etc.

not that far.


Gulf side has less swell than this side. Maybe I’m missing your point?

Still think you’ll have #2 by this weekend?

I need to play with some simple outfitting mods and then start getting miles under the hull. A bit hard to do with work/daylight limits, and I expected the boat to be done over a month ago. I have some minimum places/times I need to paddle to get a sense for how it would fair in the B&B (referring to comfort over distance more than performance). Jake’s loop for time over distance, offshore in some wind for open water handling, etc. Also need to start feeling out the rolling potential beyond standard roll in flat water. Between the improved rolling over my QCC, and my LASIK - I hope to become considerably more amphibious/3D - and be able to leave worries about remaining upright behind. Instead of conditions being challenging, they’ll offer more play potential. We’ll see…

Not yet,
it’s on a slow boat from China.


for the B&B?

It sounds like a boat that even I might be able to paddle…L! IF… I still fit into it after my vacation jaunt ti IA & IL and the land of Big Eats.

And this is the guy that started out in an SOT… Hmmm… whatever happened to that ski…? It actually sounds like a terrific boat, and kudos on the construction. May you have many happy moons and many happy miles in it as you


-Frank in Miami

If the paint is dry enough, the boat will be ready for packaging today. Possibility exists for the boat to be in Orlando by Friday and the question is whether I can pick it up in Miami on Saturday morning or will have to wait until Monday.

Might just drive up and get it on Friday.

Float bag material shipped so waiting on that also.


In the Immortal Words…
of Mr. Burns, from ‘Simpsons’ fame: “Ex-cel-lennnt!” Congratulations! I can well imagine the feeling of satisfaction that comes from not only owning a fast and responsive boat, but also knowing that you both designed and built it. The perfect trifecta. Well done, and enjoy.

Sorry Frank
You won’t fit - unless can get you feet under and past the foot brace.