1St Timer Kayak: Pelican Pursuit 140 DLX

I’m considering getting a new Pelican Model as a first time Kayak. Its a Pelican Pursuit 140 DLX: 14’ long, 28" wide, 14"deep, weighs 56# has a drop down skeg and has capacity of 450#. Comes with adj backrest and footpads plus tie down, paddle and 2 hatches. I’m a large person so thats why I’m going with a 14 footer for a first. I’ll be mainly cruising on nearby Okanagan Lake (80 miles long)and putting in & out on sandy beaches. This is a thermoplastic shell as are most Pelican International products.

There aren’t any dealers locally except COSTCO.CA so I can’t actually see one til I order it on COSTCOs website and it shows up: Price $ 649.00 They DO have a liberal return policy ! I looked briefly at one in an Arizona store several months ago. They were 40% off-should have bought it then ! Any input appreciated