1st Timer question

My question is regarding to a type of bar that I have seen on line in pictures of fishing kayaks, it runs across the kayak in front of the individual for mounting fish/depth finder, etc. What might it be referred to? Can I construct one myself or do I have to purchase? Your help would be appreciated as I am new to kayaking, and fishing from it. Thanks

RAM makes one…
as does a private dude in California. You might try posting in the fishing section of the message boards or search the "Products section of www.kayakfishingstuff.com

If you’re fishing from a SIK you can e-mail me and I’ll e-mail back a few pics of the contraption I constructed.


Rhyno Bar
I think you’re referring to a Rhyno Bar. As mentioned, RAM also makes one. So does Scotty, though I haven’t found any sources for the Scotty product.

RhynoBar was the first and may be the most adaptable (i.e. not requiring proprietary mounts). I’m not familiar with the RAM version, so don’t know if it requires RAM brand mounts or not.

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Might Ask at Coastal Kayak Fishing
Coastal Kayak Fishing board is run by Dennis Spike. Rhyno is a buddy of his. They might you towards purchase rather than making your own, tho…Since they sell them.

1st timer here
Bar would actually be for a sit inside kayak.