1st yak for a big guy. between 3 boats. Your input is appreciated :)

5’11" 325 lbs. We live on a lake and I’m looking for something in the lower price tier. Fishing and paddling, on no motor lakes. May take camping and have light river use,

I’ve checked out 3 boats and trying to pick.

Ascend H12
Old Town Loon 126
Current Designs Solara 135

I sat in all of them. I liked the depth and enclosed feeling in the Solara. I loved the seat in the Loon and the claimed durability. I can’t write off the H12 due to sheer value, gear space and best fishing setup.

I have 2 friends that call me silly for not just buying an H12, which they both use and love. All big boys.

I enlisted the local paddle shop for the Loon and Solara recommendations.

Any experience with the 3? Recommendations?

Also my 1st post - Hi I’m Alex!!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alex. Good luck! Looks like you have some good choices.

I’m a big guy myself and I like the Intex explorer especially for light river use but you’d need something sturdier if you’re going for something harder.

But you’ve got some good options there.

Another big guy checking in. Your height, with slightly more ballast. I started paddling a Wilderness Tsunami 175 so I had room and comfort. I have since swapped to a Wilderness Tempest 180Pro and it’s been a fantastic performance boat that is comfy and not confining. This year, I’ve now slimmed down to right around 300# and the Tempest 170 has become a nice comfy boat again for me.
Try everything you can put your hands on. Happy hunting!