2-> 1 piece paddle


is anyone as nuts as i am???

i picked up a great deal of a paddle…a boreal delphina…but it is a 240cm and i want a 220cm…so i wanted to see if anyone out there has had luck cutting down a 2 piece paddle and epoxying it into a one piece paddle…




Another suggesion…
Why not cut 20cm off the recieving side and drill another hole to the feathering of your preference?

No worry at all if you can buy a kit
from the manufacturer. Otherwise it’s out of my league. If you like the feather you need to mark a line on the shaft for alignment. Use a fine hacksaw blade for the cut, even a miter box, if you have one for a 90 degree cut.

Lendal and lightning were very kind to me in provideing kits for their paddles.

You might want to make two cuts takeing out the exact center of the paddle to make sure that the ovaling is in the right place when you are done.

no cut at the center
I cut my werner paddle a few months ago, at the connection point, and made new holes for the detent pin for feather angle. I did not realize my paddle had ovalized sections that start very close to the center of the paddle. Most paddles are designed this way. So I had a hard time getting the two new halves together, or apart, when I need to.

Recommended way to do it is heat up each end, where the blade attaches the shaft, remove the blades, cut to length evenly on both sides, then epoxy the blades back on.

OOPs I misread the question!
If the shaft is not ovaiized in a bad place go for it. I’d just take out 20 cm off one side if I could and go for gripz (the pro type) if I needed better indexing. I have never removed blades fron a shaft, that’s also out of my league.

paddle tech
any idea how far into the shaft the spine (?) of the blade sticks???so then i might just chop off the shaft at the right lengths fromthe ends and then go about removing the extra shaft from the blade…

when you got a kite from the maker to do this what exactly did they send you???