2-3 day canoe trip near New York City?

Hi there. I’m looking to do a 2-3 day canoe or kayak trip in April, somewhere within driving distance from New York City. I’ve done Delaware Water Gap, which was just about perfect.

Any other suggestions?


How about the Adirondacks?
Not that far from NYC and some great paddling if you stay away from George & Champlain tourist traps (too many boats and people). Make some inquiries here:


and here:


Then PA is full of great places to paddle but probably 4-8 hr drive.

Good luck.

Happy Paddlin’


Upper Delaware River or Hudson River
The Delaware between Handcock NY and Port Jervis is a great run or the upper reaches of the Hudson River.

Farmington River In CT
Some great class 2-3 whitewater and enough river for a 2-3 day trip