2 canoe games

Hey all. Trying to come up with some games for two canoes to practice boat control on flat water. Here’s a few I thought up quickly. Any other thoughts?

  1. Propeller (pivot keeping straight axis bow to bow)
  2. Sitting Duck (moving side side slip to avoid stationary boat)
  3. Orbit (side slip around stationary boat keeping perpendicular at all times)
  4. Follow the Straggler (back paddling keeping in line with normal boat following the back paddling one)
  5. Who’s the Rock (eddy’s and Peel outs behind stationary boat)

more from Doug Gifford

Duets are fun and make lessons less yak and more do

for the link, I’ll check it out more, but at first glance it should help out. Just trying to gain more boat control with the kids to at least have a skill set before hitting moving water. I think I’ve burned them out on Path of the Paddle series.

On YouTube check out
Canoe Slalom English Gate.

I have done this in a tandom canoe without the rolls and it is effective training.

But not really what I had in mind. I’m trying to help along the reaction part of learning. (For all the family including me). I can ask for a pry or draw and kids respond, but I’m trying to speed up that part of the learning curve where the paddler reacts with the proper stroke on their own. I’m just now at the point where I can control my end while asking my wife to pry or draw or whatever. Was looking for “fun” ways to teach reaction. I guess I’m impatient with our progress. The kids want to do stuff we’re not ready for and my sweetheart gets nervous any time the water makes noise.

canoe game
Use a 10 or 12 foot 2x4,6,8 or 10 plank.

Push it around with the bow of the canoe. Go from point A to point B.

Exactly what I was looking for. I’ll call it “walking the dog” or something dumb like that.