2 day kayaking location

Hello all,

Myself and a couple of friends are looking for a good spot to go kayaking for a 3 day paddle with 2 overnights. We live in central Indiana and have spent some time on the White river near Bloomington. We would like to find something in a surrounding state to make the trip “wives acceptable”! Any thoughts or ideas would be very helpful, thanks.

Well, in Michigan you can look at the Manistee, Ausable, and Pere Marquette.

head south to kentucky: green river kentucky, https://www.nps.gov/maca/planyourvisit/boating.htm

land between the lakes ky/tn https://www.nps.gov/maca/planyourvisit/boating.htm

blue river https://www.cavecountrycanoes.com/

good option close to home sugar creek: http://www.turkeyrunstatepark.com/turkey_run_canoeing/index.htm

I have been checking into the Au Sable river in Michigan. Looks promising but I havent decided on it yet.

The blue river is very nice but is really only good for a day trip. The same with Turkey Run as you can see that area in 4-6 hours easily.

Thanks for the posts though I will take a look at the links.

I find most rivers have “the stretch”. The popular section used by liveries but when you start consulting the guidebooks you can lengthen things up- camping becomes the bigger issue, Is your expectation to carry the gear with you in the boat and camp riverside? ozarks might fit that bill nicely. Even the whitewater river in Indiana can be turned into an extended trip. Are you looking for current, mild ww, open water, variety? I’m not really sure what “wive acceptable is” , is that a base camp with showers? Camping with electric? That’s what my own wive prefers but I don’t doubt many wives would find my adventurous spirit a bit tame for them. These days I seem to prefer a base camp; restraunts with good pie are always a plus, after a tiring day of paddling. A pub located at the put in or take out is extra nice. I think I could easily paddle multiple days on sugar creek, the blue, or green but that’s me. Are you looking for something a bit wilder? That comes at a price, Usually involves some dirt roads, fluctuating water levels, portaging, lining, and at least some basic ww skills.