2 fish on the same lure at the same time

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Went fishing the other evening for bass. Used a surface lure with 3 treble hooks spaced out. Used to call a similiar lure a Dieing Flutter, but that ages me some. Twice, I caught 2 fish at the same time. I guess the second saw a chance to take another's bounty. Each fish was about 1 1/2 pounds. Anyone else?

Similar experience
While using a topwater lure, i wound up with a bird’s nest backlash. I was trying to untangle the mess, lure was dead still in the water, when it was hit by a red fin chain pickerel in the 3 lb range. one of his friends decided to get in on the action and foul hooked himself also.

Neat huh!
Ive had that happen a few times myself.Every time it happened i was fishing on top with a Zara Spook.

line got fouled while a yellowtail
was on , got slammed by a black grouper!

2 fish, same lure
I hooked a nice smallmouth on a Rapala, and while bringing him in, another smallie hit the same lure. I ended up catching the second fish. It’s not uncommon to see smallmouths following a hooked fish. Mine just happened to have enough Rapala showing for him to hit it.

Two for one
It is common with smallmouth. It is a good idea for your fishing buddy to cast his lure near the smallie that you have on the line, doubles are likely. Two largemouth on one bait is harder to come by.

2 fish 1 lure
While fishing in the ICW near fort pierce fla. I caught my first snook, trout, and my first TWO jack crevalles. I was using a giant noisy, generally abnoxious topwater bait that i bought in a clearance bin for 99 cents. The first cast it just got blown out of the water by a crazed fish. When it came down it got smashed again. I set the hook, it seemed like a heavy fish, but it was not putting up any fight. The reason for this was the fish on the front set of hooks was fighting the fish on the back hooks. Two foot long jacks on one 99 cent lure, cool!!

Double jacks
Ditto on the double jacks … when they’re schooled up doubles can certainly be had. Jacks are one of my favorite fish to target …

I know jacks…
are among the hardest fighting most aggressive fish I’ve ever hooked. Why don’t they get more respect in sportfishing circles? I’ve caught a few over 12 pounds and can tell you that those were memorable tug of wars. One was from the kayak and was quite a ride that lasted about 20 minutes. I’ve never caught 2 on the same lure, however.

get this
I was fishing for crappie on Enid Lake Mississippi. I was using a 1/4 oz jig head and small skirt jig with a small float about 2 feet above the jig. The float indicated a small strike. As I reeled it, something else hit the jig. I knew right away it was not a crappie on the end of my line. After about 3 min of fighting, I landed a 5 pound largemouth. I must add it was rare to see large mouth this time of year(it was the end of feb.) As I was taking the hook out of the largemouth I noticed what had triggered the float to indicate such a small bite. On the same hook, partially in the gullet of the largemouth was a small crappie(about 6 inches). I could not believe it. The bass must have saw the crappie and decided it would make a good meal. The crappie was, surprisingly, in good shape. So, I released it first. Just a few seconds head start. Then I released the bass. Great time.

Love’s Lures tandem jig
Love’s Lures here in Florida makes a tandem jig for just that purpose, to catch two fiah at a time.

The combo is deadly on both speckled sea trout and silver trout. It’t a great artificial for both children and novices as it can be just reeled or with the float attached, popped to draw attention. I’d bet the ranch that the tandem jig with popping cork would work for bass too.

me too
I did the same TWICE on a Mann’s Baby 1-.

single hook, 2 fish
bobbing for whatever with a hook and worm, a perch took the hook and took off. i let it play about for a bit, watching the bobber travel around when BAM!

the bobber went down with a kerplunk.

my rod bent something awful and i eended up realing in a 3 pound smallmouth with a hook and perch through its lip.

It was quite a show.