2 hp air cooled Yam

Is there someone out there that had the opportunity to use the 2 hp Yam on a square back canoe? If so, how did you like it? Did it have enough power?



Yam on square back canoe Picture

That’s too small a Yam to move the boat
Sorry, I meant the 2 hp air cooled Honda.

That’s some yam Greyak!!!Makes a fine rudder too! Looks like something else if ya don’t mind me saying it! HAHAHA!!!

He did say two horse p… NM

I have one used on a double-ended canoe
I use a Honda 2hp air-cooled outboard on my 17’ mohawk. It can push my canoe to 6 ~ 7 mph (measured by GPS). The motor is running at 3/4 throttle. Running it to the max does not produce extra speed because it is limited by the hull speed. But I believe a 3.5 hp can plane it.

I knew you could make
a battery out of a potatoe, but an outboard out of a yam???


Yes it works
great I have a 17ft pelican flat back with a 3hp and it works great! BUT after two trips with it I put it in the garage and put trolling motor on it. The outboard was to loud for what I wanted to do. Also I think the trolling motor does a better job. You don’t have to worry as much about it running aground or bending a prop.

P.S. I use a 30# thrust min kotta

2 hp Honda
Thanks for the info H&T, engine noise is not a problem but a 40+lb battery might be. Once I get to an area I want to fish I just use the paddle. The engine is just for getting me to a relatively distant location is a reasonable time.