2 Kayaks on Ebay in Ft. Pierce Florida

I have been trying to get more information on 2 kayaks for sale on ebay:

Eddyline Zephyr “made with Kevlar” 14.5’ Kayak (2 available)

I keep asking how much they weigh and what width they are, but the seller never replies.
Anybody know how I can get them to contact me or answer my questions?
Thx, Bob

Specs are HERE.

A quick search on Ebay does not turn up anything. A few show up on other sites.

I found the kayaks, ebay item 334589184832. If you used the ebay “contact seller” function to ask questions, that’s really all you can do on ebay. If the seller doesn’t make the effort to respond, you may not want to risk buying from them. The “professionally refurbished” would cause me some concern. Why did they need refurbishing? Were the hulls painted or re-gel coated and did that add weight?

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The Zephyr is a discontinued model. You can find the specs at Discontinued Eddyline Kayaks - eddylinekayaks

I’m not familiar with the Zephyr. But I can say the there are significant differences between the current generation of Eddylines and the previous one, and I would not buy the previous generation. I owned one (Merlin XT in Carbonlite) and found it quite unstable. The owner of Eddyline told me it was discontinued for that reason. More thought was put into the hulls of the current generation, but I think there are better hulls.

The Zephyr is pretty narrow—22"—for a 14.5’ kayak. Usually you would expect about 24" wide for that length. The seat looks pretty awful.

I think it’s overpriced. I only paid $750 for my Merlin and it was “new old stock.” If I had $1200 to spend I would add another $300 and get a new Delta 12.10, not a discontinued Eddyline.

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Did you know the zephyr is discontinued.

Plus these appear to have no hatches nor (I assume) bulkheads. Seems primitive for that kind of money.


The seller obviously does not regularly sell on eBay (no seller feedback and no recent feedback at all) and probably isn’t even aware people are messaging through eBay. S/he put a link in the description as to how to contact to ask questions but eBay removed it. Sellers’s probably wondering why no one is contacting him about the kayaks. But yeah, definitely overpriced.

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Eeek! I didn’t even notice that! OP, scratch this off your list of possible kayaks immediately.

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No reply after two attempts forgetaboutit