2 Kayaks on Factory Roof Rack?

We have a new Nissan Pathfinder and 2 kayaks. Some people say that the factory rack can only handle 100 lb load, meaning less than 2 kayaks, so we need an entirely aftermarket rack (posts, rails, everything).

Others say that we just need aftermarket cross-bars, and can use the factory rails.

Any advice out there? Is anyone carrying 2 kayaks or canoes on factory racks with no problems?

Subaru Forestter
We have a Subaru Forestter. We bought the towers (Yakima)that are made specifically for the Forestter Rack and a set of Poles. We carry 2 full size touring kayaks with no problem.

I like Yakima or Thule
I would recommend going to a store that sells Thule or Yakima. On my 4Runner we used the factory runners and Yakima towers and crossbars.

I did
carry our yaks on a factory setup until I saw how much flex and moving around the kayaks started doing on the highway. Then I took the advice of most people on this board and went with a sturdy crossbar system (Yakima) and mounted our cradles to those. Now the kayaks are rock solid and I have no doubts about the integrity of the setup now.

it’s the strength of the factory crossbars that determine weight rating. I have a Subaru Outback that also has a 100# limit,but with the Thule clamp on bars on factory rails it is raised to 120#. I carry a 66# poly tandem kayak,and a 42# kevlar canoe together with no problems either. Only complaint about that setup is not much bar spread,and bow & stern lines are a must.

Happy Paddling billinpa

It’s all CYA
The lawyers don’t want folks overloading the roofs of high CG vehicles, flipping the things and then sueing the manufacturer. Ive had 3 kayaks and a bicycle(A 21’ Seda Tango tandem, an 18+’ Artisan Millenium, a 14.5’ Prijon Calabria and my mountain bike)on my Saturn LW roof rack with Thule bars on a 1500+ mile round trip with absolutely no rack problems. If I recall that factory rail system “could only hold” 100#s also.