2 Kayaks on one Thule Hullavator

I was wondering if anyone has put 2 kayaks on one Thule Hullavator? Thule’s web site says 75lbs, but that’s recommended load. So I’m guessing the design load is closer to 100lbs. It would not take much to add a Stacker (or similar) in the center and possible a few Hull-a-ports (or similar) on either side. And yes, before you say it, the cost would be just as much if I just bought another Hullavator, but, I don’t want to lose my bike racks on the other side. Besides, I would be buying everything I needed second hand on Craig’s List or E-Bay, or bending up some conduit which it looks like Thule does anyways. Feedback, ideas are welcome.

P.S. I have a Tempest 165 and my son has a 10’ Old Town. So 55 and 35 for a total of 90lbs so far.

Thanks, Alan

i could see how this may work…
i have one and it does hog a lot of space…very interesting idea…let us know if you try and how it works out!

2 on 1
Will do…

Or maybe stackers?
I don’t know how often you’d have to flip Hullvator/stackers around, or the ease of doing so - it may not be practical. But the minute we had to start combining anything other than just two kayaks we pulled the stackers from our plastic boats out of the basement. Haven’t looked back since. (Have Yakima towers and cross-bars.)

It takes an Amagansett Roller Loader and a cart for me to handle a sea kayak alone with the stackers, but it’s not dreadful. I used that combo to unload, transport to the water and load my original plastic (so it was heavy) Squall without any problem. I just put up and took back down the Romany over the last two days and the Vela this morning with that setup - not a lot of time once you are used to it - and had the Explorer up and down a couple of times over the last two weeks the same way.

Granted I always try to coordinate with my husband first because it is faster and easier, but the additional steps to handle a boat by myself this way aren’t incredibly time consuming after the first time or two each spring.

When I was working at the local kayak outfitter (Travel Country Outdoors) we found that the gas struts in the Hullavator did not provide much assist for heavy kayaks (like a Hobie double at 88lbs hull weight). I would not personally want to put 90lbs on a single Hullavator.

Greg Stamer

I have the Malone Telos kayak loader that I use with their J racks that I move side to side but you want to keep your bike racks.

It would take some modification to adapt to your racks but it is a simple mechanical lift.

The carrier rides on a ratchet like stair step so you can stop at any point and the load rests on the step until you raise or lower the boat(s).

heavier gas springs
It would be possible to swap in a heavier set of gas springs to deal with the additional load. I suspect it is entirely possible.

McMaster Carr sells varying poundage gas springs.