2 kayaks with foam blocks??

Is it possible to get a Stingray 14 and Pamlico 140 on to a 1995 legacy wagon?? It has a moonroof, and the roof is around 40 inches wide.

Not safely
You can’t use foam blocks without a roof rack to carry two boats as you won’t be able to adequately secure them to the roof of the car (the boats will want to bulge up in the middle).

My suggestion: don’t do it.



I wouldn’t
I rarely need to haul my kayaks, so when I might haul 1, I use foam blocks, but if I ever needed to haul 2 I would rent a trailer or something. If you think you’ll need to haul 2 with any frequency, invest in a good roof rack system, or a trailer.

I assume you have a factory rack?
Well I see two problems even with a factory rack. First, side-by-side they’re way wider that 40". Consider getting kayak stackers and mount the yaks on their sides to solve this problem. Second, the recommended weight capacity of most factory racks is 100#, and you’ll be at 108 plus any additionals that are added on including the stackers. Now, obviously the racks will hold more than that; otherwise, they’d break the first time you hit a dip in the road with a loaded rack. My advice would be to procede at your own risk or find a better alternative.


Cider Blocks
Use a couple of 'em in each cockpit for weight.


Just fold both kayaks in half and stuff them in the glove compartment.

thats what I figured
I just wanted to know what you guys thought. the car has no rack, and I found out that I can only fit my pamlico on it.

My dad never got a stingray, he got a SOT that is not very good, a no name boat from a thrift store. But he wants to get a stingray 14. But now he is considering a yakka 120. That would be great, right? he weighs 170 lbs and is 5’7" tall, in his mid 40s. the capacity for the yakka 120 is 265 lbs. is this a good boat for him?? if he gets one, we can finally go to the cool lakes to paddle together. I just put my Pamlico 140 on the top in the middle with foam blocks (we dont have a roof rack), and he puts the yakka 120 in the hatch. Is this a good idea??

It’s probally slower than my boat, But I can go slow for him.