2 Part Epoxy Tip

Most all paddlers have needed 2 part Epoxy at one time or another. Here’s my tip for ya.

Put the 2 parts of Epoxy into the corner of a clear plastic sandwich bag. Twist the bag until the contents are loosly in the corner. Now squeeze the bag’s corner with your fingers until mixed well. Now twist the bag a little more until the Epoxy is firmly in the corner. Take a pin and poke a little hole exactly in the bag’s corner. Now the fun part, pretend you are a cake decorator with a frosting bag. Squeeze the bag’s corner and the mixed Epoxy will come out and you will have PRECISE control of where it’s going. You can even control the speed at which it comes out. When yer all done, throw the bag away and say,“Hey, my fingers aren’t sticky!”


that actually sounds like it would work
Let me run out to the shed and break something so I can try it.

It might work with West also, though
a slightly heavier plastic bag would be desirable. West pumps out at 5:1, and is thinner when mixed than hardware store 2-part epoxies.

for a great tip!

Multiple holes for even …

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full coverage, joint saturation when clamped.

Does anyone use large batches of neat epoxy for single line 'pinstripe' bonding anyway???

Watch band repair
Pat, I could have use this repairing or rather attaching a watch band to a watch where the pin thingie was worn some on the watch side. Two years and the epoxy has held fine. By the way if you wonder why this comment is on this board, the watch naturally is a ‘kayak’ watch.


3 part epoxy
That tip would probably help with that three-part epoxy; resin, hardener and hands.