2 Piece Dry Gear - How Safe?

Wondering if anyone has any experience with/opinions on the following gear:

Bomber Gear Hydrology Drytop: http://www.bombergear.com/5320.html

Bomber Gear Bombardment Dry Pants:


I’m looking to mate the two as a complete drysuit for immersion protection. How well will the tunnels lock to keep water out? Is it difficult to get a proper seal? Are the gaskets effective on this product?

I can get this setup for about $150 (anyone know of a one-piece breathable near this price?) Been watching ebay and pnet ads for a while now without much luck. I’ll also be investing in neoprene mukluk type boots, neoprene gloves and neoprene hood.

I am a beginner paddler, planning to paddle a kayak on small inland lakes (on calm waters) and slow moving rivers. Self rescue skills are not very good. However, I plan to stay very close to shore (50 feet or closer on lakes) so I can swim to shore if necessary. Also, water temps are about 45 F now - I’ll likely wait until they reach 50-55 F.

Thanks for any suggestions or insight.


The dry pants are not
I have a pair of the dry pants. They are not dry because water will seep in at the waist during swims. Dry bibs properly mated with your top should keep you pretty dry.

Two Piece drysuit
I have also tried the two piece combo with out luck. Too much leakage at waist while in water

Bombardment pants
The BG Bombardment pants have a inner tunnel which if carefully rolled up with the dry top’s inner tunnel should be pretty dry. (Or so I’ve been told.)

The problem is Bomber Gear is out of business. If you notice the date on their web pages is 2004. BG dry tops and full suits occasionally show up on eBay, but, I have never seen the Bombardment pants for sale anywhere.

If you have a line on that exact pair of BG top and pants for a total of $150 I say jump on it.


I have two piece Bomber Gear
The top had a tunnel but the pants did not. So, I sewed a tunnel onto the pants. With the added tunnel on the pants I can roll the two pieces together.

It makes a pretty good seal if you take your time and do a good job of it.

I wouldn’t rely on my system for open winter crossings. But for my winter creeking, I’ve got no problems.

If you have specific questions, please let me know.

Bombardment pants on sale…
…now at Sierra Trading Post online. Great deal for both the paddling and the dry pants at 50% off.


Look the other way
Kyle’s dry pants are 50% off

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Thanks for the responses…
…yes, they’re at Sierra Trading post: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/d/330_Mens-Drytops-and-Drysuits.html (I think I was led here by a recent tsunamichuck post, actually).

It seems I was looking at an “exceptionally” dry top, rather than the “completely” waterproof top, which is $50 more. So that would bring the total to $200.

At that price, and being a beginner, I don’t think I’m ready to take the risk of leaks. I think I’ll wait and watch ebay and pnet for a full suit.

Thanks again.