2 piece GP

Ok I have left my gp at home for the last time. does anyone or anyone you know have a used 2 piece GP? Will live in my car and only pulled out when I (and inevitably I will) I pull a bonehead move and forget my paddles.

How in the world does someone forget paddles?

Dunno but I have done it a couple of times now.

(I don’t want to hear it Robert)


Just made one - wife happy
I cut a paddle in two and installed a carbon ferrule a couple of days ago - seems to work well and was not too hard. Carbon ferrule goes for $53 at CLC - ouch! I got this one from a friend, but would go with the $35 fiberglass one if buying one now.

I can pass on to you the instructions for installing that I got from Don Beale, if you like, Paul. Oh, the wife is happy because she does not have to share her seat in the car with the end of my paddle now…


That’s what you get for paddling…
Greenland !



You’re all heart jack
send me your “GL” so I can cut it up and put a ferrule on it.


you need a product tester…
I figure a year long study?


My thoughts
I have seen (but not tried) a couple of self-made 2 pcs GP, neither one gave me a great confidence about solidity in the shaft area.

The Superior CF looks like I could trust the system but that damn paddle is expensive and I would not invest $450 in a paddle I use only when I forget the main one at home.

What about just keeping a 2 pcs EP in the trunk?

Is it illegal to use a EP to propel a SOF? :wink:

Actually I have done just that. I just prefer to paddle with a GP.

I will not be caught looking at a perfectly good body of water and no way to move on it ever again.

Repeat 500 times

My biggest fear is
getting to the water and forgetting my paddle so I stow it in my boat (kayak) at home.

Another good reason
for a two piece gp.

C’mon…anyone out there willing to sell me that used take apart gp you haven’t used in a couple of years?


If you make/adapt one…
… I’d recommend you don’t do it from a solid WRC paddle. Make/cut a laminated paddle with some hardwood through the loom that will end up in the ferrule.

I’d like to get one of those Superior 2 piece - but can’t really justify that until my 1 piece wears out. That may take a while (even longer since I’m using my own WRC paddles a lot)…