2 Way Waterproof Walkie Talkies

Hello. Am going to purchase some 2 Way radio/walkie talkies to use for kayaking. Have it down to 2 sets. The Cobra CXT 1035 R FLT floating 2 way radio & the Motorola MS35OR Talkabout waterproof 2 way. Have read some sketchy reviews re volume issues with the Cobra and several negatives with the Motorola’s. Both claim to float and be waterproof. Has anyone used or own these 2 Way radios. I would value anybody’s opinions of these radios, or can anyone recommend another set that would be suitable for lake and sea kayaking ? Do not want to spend more than 100$.

Thank You in Advance for any information.

I seriously doubt that you will be able to find an absolutely/positively waterproof set of 2 way radio for $100.00.

Maybe water resistant to a specific depth, for some brief period of time.

Realistically, I’d say you have 3 different options:

  1. Buy an very expensive set of 2 way radios.
  2. Buy waterproof containers for the radios which say they are waterproof, but aren’t.
  3. Or, forget about it…


pretty much says it.
I would cut to the chase and buy a pair of floating ICOMs.

I have Cobra and the sound is lousy. Low
volume and poor quality. The alert tones are great. battery life is short.

When I started I looked for walkie talki
Now I wouldn’t even consider hauling them along. Sometimes I’ll throw one in a kit bag because I have some, they aren’t waterproof but I can paddle without getting them wet. If I was with my wife and we got separated somehow I’d call her on my waterproof cellphone and yes it works in the middle of BFE and 5 miles offshore

What do you need them for? Get a VHF for emergencies if you’re thinking about talking to a rescue chopper.

The best whistles cost about $15 and
don’t need batteries, work when wet and tie to your PFD.

There’s a simple code to communicate with your partner. I suggest the Thunder. It’s a pealess whistle and the loudest one they make.

Buy Ship To Shore
Unless things have changed the emergency channel is monitored. That’s why I bought one. They can be interesting to monitor. The last time I used mine was 13 years ago. We broke down on Lake Powell.

Maybe This?
VHF is the way to go.


…why would you spend $100 on toy radios that are useless in an emergency when you could purchase a pair of VHFs for another 20 bucks?

Looks Like There’s a Rebate
$20 if you buy before July 31.

Motorola Waterproof
We use these and they are under $65 and they are waterproof, clear, and you can get 11 weather channels and marine channels.


useless feddback
Not very helpful information Bob.