20-mile Canoe/Kayak Race on the Upper Missouri in northcentral Montana

This event was held on Saturday, July 17th in northcentral Montana. Click here to access the blog and photo tour. Enjoy!

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Looks pretty cool! I don’t think this years paddling has me ready for a 20 mile race, but I would love to do that some time in the next couple of years. Probably take me twice as long as the winners, but who cares? About a 12 hour round trip to the race for me but it would be fun to paddle a new area any way.

Thanks for posting. Great to see paddling in a completely different area of the country.

Awesome… makes me want to throw the boat on the truck and drive over.

I lived in Lewistown for a spell, now west of the divide…have been to many of the places you have chronicled.

looks fun