20 reasons not to go to the Deer Group

I just got back from the Deer Group (in Barkley Sound, on the west coast of Vancouver Island) a couple of weeks ago and have to say that it was awful. Absolutely ghastly. I don’t recommend going there if you’re looking for some relaxation. Just way too much stressful stuff to deal with – whales making noise by your campsite, bears in the bushes, dreadful sunsets. Nope, don’t go there. You won’t like it.

I’ve posted the full 20 reasons why the Deer Group is not a good place on my website at the following link:


I hope that everyone can appreciate the hell that we went through enduring 12 days of this godforsaken place.




Must Have Been Hell!
I certainly feel for you in that Godforsaken place! God I love B.C., been 6 years since I was there and it’s been too long! Thanks for the gorgeous pics! WW

That’s now on my list of places to paddle! Thanks for sharing the beuatiful pics.

very dreadful
Could you post the whole thing in the Places2Paddle?

People should be warned!

Brilliant pics. Clever text. Thanks for sharing.

You poor
souls it looks like you must have suffered immensely. No one should have to be subjected to such torture.

Beautiful pictures, great and entertaining narrative.

If not too much trouble could you email any details you’d be willing to provide on your trip and planning for it - where you stayed, how you reserved any sites, etc? Looks like the kind of trip I’d love to take.


I am so tired of people bragging
about how “GREAT” their vacation was. It’s about time someone was honest, and admitted how badly they screwed up by choosing a screwed up place like this. Really, a refreshing breathe of air.


('Loved the photos though. Great lens apparently. Really awesome depth of field on some of those.)

thank god
I stayed at a Holidy Inn Express last night or i wouldnt have been able to handle the torture you went thru…great shots…jack

hard to imagine you survived.
What a tough trip…

Car wash?
I see you were really “roughing” it by eschewing the MV Lady Rose. That would have been a truely gruesome 4.5 hr rided up and down Alberni Inlet.

Sorry you had such a…
lousy time. I can see why. Next time, take your family on a cruise ship. They wait on you hand and foot, the food is great, you stay dry and they have hot and cold running water.

What am I thinking? Never mind!

Great photo’s and “storyline”!


I feel your pain. Thanks for the warning

and now for something completely diff…
an awesome place, do plan to paddle there.

keep in mind, that much of the year, this narrow string of islands is for intermediate and beyond paddlers due to the exposure. incredible and dramatic rock features, a sport sea paddlers playground.

Good point
Thanks for mentioning that conditions here may be less than ideal for novices – that’s very true. Even during our trip, each afternoon brought strong winds and swell increased. I did all the paddling with the kids in the early morning, planning to be back at camp by 1:00 or so in the afternoon – even then (especially on the Imperial Eagle Channel side), swell was already at least 2 meters high and wind waves were well on their way. I did a few solo paddles later in the day, just because I enjoy paddling in a bit rougher conditions.

I suspect that the off season can get pretty nasty in this area – after all, the outside islands in the Deer Group are the last thing before open ocean – next stop is Japan!



A justified …punishment
Great pics and reverse psychology.

Surfing Sucks! Don’t Try It!

awesome pictures and entertaining commentary - thanks for sharing them!

E-mail sent - NM