2001 P&H Quest kevlar value

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I have the opportunity to pick up a 2001 P&H Quest in the kevlar layup. The boat is in good shape. No deep scratches. Needs decklines, hatches are good. Older seat.

Any idea of a ballpark price for something like this?

First thing I would do is google for
that and similar P&H kayaks. Form a mental scatterplot of asking prices. I’d look at the lower asking prices for similar P&H boats.

I don’t know whether a “Kevlar” kayak made in 2001 would command a higher price. If there were any hull damage, I’d rather deal with it on a fiberglass boat than on a hull with a lot of Kevlar. But on a really well-cared-for kayak, the lighter weight of Kevlar might be worth some extra money.

It’s an Orion
Thanks for the input. It is actually an Orion but your advice still applies.

The new Kevlar
from P&H available stateside is a carbon/Kevlar blend. If you were to special order a Quest for 2014 (yes that long) it would be $4300 without extra options (keel strip, foot pump, etc.) Same would be for the P&H expedition flagship of now, the Cetus series.

That’s one end of the reference spectrum.

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Let’s assume there is no historic significance to that PH boat - no celebrity had sat in it.

Here on classifieds

Kevlar Shadow is listed with asking price of 1875

Carbon Chatham 18 for 1500

Kevlar QCC 600 for 1300

Other Kevlar kayak for 1475

My friends picked up Kevlar Rumor for 700, hatches and lines were rotten

Buyers market

Orion - $700
I was able to get the Kevlar Orion for $700. Hull is in great shape. A couple of spider cracks on the hull. Looks like strapped too tight. Keel strip. Needs front deck lines. Older design. If it doesn’t work out, I should be able to get my money back at least. Thanks all.