2002 VS 2005 Capella C/K

A 2002 Carbon/Kevlar Capella came my way as a possible aquisition but something that peter_k said about Diolen used for decks resonated and I want to get some input.

What are the differences in the two year’s models? People seem to like the boats and have few negative comments but all product undergoes change. What went on with the Capellas during those 4 years? I think I have gotten the good stuff on the Capellas. What should one look out for? What about the stern rocker thing that otterslide mentioned? Big deal? Small deal? No deal for most paddlers?

Did you read the 47 reviews dated 2001
through 2005 on this site and more all over the internet? Weather roto molded or composite the Capella is one of the finest ocean going kayaks on the market. No I don’t own one but have several friends who do. Never heard anyone say anything bad about a Capella new or old so long as they fit the boat. A bad fit makes for a bad time. Things may change when RMs start coming from China.

My understanding
is that the tracking is very different according to the iteration of the boat.

Peter Orton mentioned that he reworked the Capella hull at some point before he left P&H.

I did, but honestly,…
…I don’t find PNet reviews to be as helpful as comments made by folks contributing to a thread. I don’t put too much faith in that many reviews that are all 9’s and 10’s (one 8 and one 6). Seems that most folks who publish the reveiws at this site are just delighted to have their new boat. That’s cool, but I’m more interested in hearing about subtle (or not so subtle) design changes that may have occurred along the way.

my boat cracked when brand new

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and the cracks were cosmetic. Yes after 5 years those cracks would probably mean major maintenance was due but.....

If a composite capella was coming towards me at a good price and I had the money about, i'd be giving it serious thought I paddled one quite a bit in 2000 2001 and it is a fun maneuverable boat.


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I have a 2003 Composite Capella. The deck is fiberglass construction.
I thought the hull changes that took place were just on the RM versions.
I think those changes took place in 04 or 05.
This stern rocker comment was something I hadn't heard about.
My boat was built before the changes to the RM version and I would guess it is the same as the 2002 models.
I wouldn't be concerned about buying a 2002. It is a great design and handles well in all conditions in my opinion.
Quality is superb.

I appreciate the input.