2003 Subaru Outback racks

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Has anyone had personal experience with 2003ish subaru outback racks? I have a 17foot kayak and would like to know if they are sturdy enough or will I have to add some Thule or Yakima parts?

*Edit* Also anyone put that big of a boat on top of a Subaru Baja from around 2003?

not sure about that year
I know newer subarus don’t have much room between the front and back racks. For what it’s worth, I have a ‘98 outback and have about 42" from the front to the back and don’t have any problems with my 17’ kayak rides stabile.

2001 Outback
I have a 2001 Outback, which I think is about the same. The standard cross bars that come with it should be good for 1, and possibly 2, kayaks. You’ll have to get the adapter to fit the Yakima or Thule accessories on the aero crossbars.

I use Yakima crossbars had have had as many as 3 kayaks on it.

yes. rock solid NM

Thanks for the info everyone. Doubt I will ever have more than 2 on there and usually it will only be one. Eventually I will improve the rack system just want to know if I will be safe for awhile.

Good solid racks
I traveled around the US for a year in a ‘98 outback with an18’ kayak and a bicycle on top. Just used foam blocks on the factory crossbars for the boat. Still have the Suby, still carrying the boat and bike.


On my 03 I use Yakima Railgrabbers/Lowriders, which are mounts that attach to the factory rails, and Yakima crossbars. I had the setup left over from another SUV no didn’t consider (or even know of) the Yakima parts that fit directly on the OEM crossbars. Up to this year, Outbacks had pretty good rack systems, with plenty of spread.

I carry one or two 17’ canoes on mine.