2004 Pungo 140 Center Pillar?


Years ago, I purchased a used 2004 Pungo 140, which is/has been a fantastic boat for me. It was my first boat, and I couldn’t figure out why there was a single, long screw in the bow without anything attached to it. Over time, I figured out that this was a foam pillar (?). I’d like to make one to replace it, and I’m wondering if anyone knows the dimensions of my missing component.


I don’t know the details of the Pungo but it sounds a lot like how Old Town attached the foam piece in our boat. There was a foam support and also an aluminum piece that the screw threaded into that locked into a slot in the foam. The foam itself isn’t strong enough for the screw to hold in. It was wedged in tight and then drilled and screwed.

I took ours out as it offered little support and little floatation and replaced it with a deflated 18” yoga ball that I blew up in place letting it form to the hull. It came out to be a good location as a center foot support and didn’t interfere with the foot pegs. It holds itself in place but could be strapped across the foot peg rail screws.

Just a thought.

My 140 duralite Pungo had one. It wouldn’t stay put, so I bought a 2 X 3 section of neoprene foam from CLC boat kit maker in Annapolis, MD. $35 ten years ago made two bulkheads. Made a pattern and cut out on a ban saw. Almost had enough for a 145 Tsunami front bulhead replacement, but it was 1/4 inch too short. Seal with Lexel clear sealant, after cleaning with solvent and using sandpaper to scuff contact area.