2006 plastic Chathams

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just out of curiosity does anyone with a 2006 rotomolded Chatham 16,17 have leaky hatches? The VCP hatches are pretty bombproof but I noticed a few 2004(I bought one) and one 2005 Chatham were assembled with inadequate sealing between the hatch rim and deck.
It's easily fixed and shouldn't keep one from buying the boat but just curious if they got that corrected for 2006 production.
On mine the hatch rim where the sealant was applied was roughened but the deck was not. The sealant pulled away from the deck in between the screws where the deck bulges away from the hatch rim letting an unacceptable amount of water to drip into a low deck boat for rough water/instruction use. The sealant has some gap filling to do,

Composite Chatham

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I had the exact same problem on my glass 2005 18" Chatham. I'm sure at some point I'll have to have the hatch re-attached. For a temporary fix I put a bead of marine caulk around the hatch; it doesn't leak anymore. They seem to have some problems attaching hatches.

that’s surprising
the glass Chatham 18 I had was bone dry,

18 Glass
Might have just been a fluke. Still love the boat! but the front hatch was leaking about 3 monthes off the rack.