2006 - Pungo 120 Duralite

In October 2005 I sold my Pungo 100 which I was using to paddle on lakes, slow moving rivers. Although I did get “splash” in the cockpit whenever the wind/waves picked up I really liked the big/long cockpit and the way it tracked.

I am now thinking of purchasing a new 2006 Pungo 120 - Duralite which only weighs 39 lbs. Since my Pungo 100 weighed 48 at 10’ in length I like the idea of a longer kayak with less weight.

If I do not get the Pungo 120 I was considering the Perception Element 11.2 as an alternative.

Anyone have suggestions - If I do not purchase this item on-line I will need to look for place on the road since I am a full-time RV’er and will be leaving AZ for Idaho/Montana in April.


congrats !!!
congrats on the new cool boats !!!

My comment on Duralite
While this is not directly to do with the Pungo 120, but i’ve tried a brand new Tsunami 145 Duralite model at a demo day on a pretty mildly warm day( NOT baking hot by any means) and the Duralite was most unimpressive. deck was very soft and flexed like crazy and there were visible deformations near bulkheads and other general ‘waviness’ of the plastic. there was a Pungo 140 made of normal plastic and it felt way more tough and rigid. I don’t even wanna know how bad duralite would deform under any real use involving any sort of a roof rack.