2006 Subaru Legacy wagon question

Paddling related because it has kayak racks.

Has anyone fitted polycarbonate “vent visors” over this model’s window exteriors? I would like to see some installed or hear first hand how well they work on windows without a frame. My concern is that for the door to open with window fully up, the visors would have to be mounted too far above the window’s path to provide desired awning effect with partially open widow. Any recommended sources or brands?

Good question, Andy. I’d like some for
my '97 outback. After my dealer failed to fix my AC three times, I gave up.

And Andy, who is your source for the
awnings? Subaru? A custom plastics outfit?

try these
there are a couple brands

Vent Visor is one

Lund is another

Advance Auto Parts or Autozone

carry these items and can special order pretty quickly.

the package is kind of large, so it might make economic sense to buy local rather than internet.

Also, you can see the different styles and pick the one you like: smoke,chrome, outside stick on or in the window frame.


Don’t waste you money
I put a set on my 05 outback. They look nice but, they don’t do anything worth while. I had these on all of my vehicles and loved them for leaving the windows cracked in the summertime or when driving while it was raining with the window cracked. It does not work on the Outback. Just my 2 cents.

Well, thanks… needed to know.

This is N O T some kind of challenge

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or negative statement towards your comment.

Asking as a Legacy owner .........

Please explain what you mean by " It does not work on the Outback "


I assume I’m talking about any
vehicle without a frame around the window not just a Subaru. The vent is mounted above the door opening rather than on the door frame since there isn’t one, therefor any benefit of the vent shade is lost other than being a shade. Maybe I am off base of there purpose, but they don’t do what I bought them for.

Thanks … I always thought they were
rain … do they work keeping rain out with window down o.k. ?

Very little
If there is any wind it will blow right in. Remember these are mounted above the window to start with so that the door can open with the window in the up position. They are not like a door with a frame around the glass, where you can wind down the window a good 1 to 1 1/2 inches until it is not covered by the vent.