2007 Jeep 4 door unlimited

Question??? I have just bought a new jeep and I was told by a random person I could not get racks for the top??? Does anyone know if this is true or not??? Looking for Kayaks now and don’t know what to do!! HELP

Warrior products makes good racks for Jeeps that are usable for watercraft carry such as canoes and kayaks.

Just check
Thule and Yakima’s websites, their configuration tools will tell you what they have available for your vehicle.

canoe rack
warrior products makes a canoe rack with 1 inch bars you can use Yakima Hulley rollers and Mako saddles on. You can also use the kayak carrier that is also made by WP. I owned 5 Jeeps before my Baja.

E-mail me. We should talk. Vaughn Fulton

jeep rack
Try JC Whitney for jeep after market products. I just got 3 inch nerf bars for my 2007 jeep wrangler 2 door. I had trouble finding accessories. There isnt much out there. I do have hard top and we put a thule rack on it, using gutter mounts. If you have a hard top, thats probably the way to go.

JK Racks availability?
I was looking at the Kargo Master (http://www.kargomaster.com/item.asp?id=62) for my TJ but it doesn’t look like they offer one for the JK yet. Looking at 4WD Hardware latest catalog there is a JK with a rack on the cover but I can’t find it in the products.

Just what do NERF bars do? I mean do they keep Nerf Balls from damaging the vehicle? If that’s the case they are a little low unless they are only designed to stop ROLLING Nerf balls, OTOH what can you do about Nerf Footballs that are tossed your way?

nerf bars
They are tubular side steps.

Nerf Bars…
In the 50’s they were bumpers on the chopped and channeled hot rods. It made them street legal… as in you had to have bumpers.

Now you have to have them on the side to climb up in the SUVs? You younguns sure missed the best cars…

SwedgeDude, that hurts I’m laughing soha
We have this bad habit: we get back to camp with the boats stacked on the roof rack, cockpit out. Try to get as far away from the rig as you can and toss the nerf football into the cockpit. Your right, my nerf bars don’t do a dang thing to protect neither my Dakota or my Explorer! That nerf football picks up some velocity from a few sites over!