2007 P.net Perks is the best offer yet.

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I just re-signed up for the 2007 paddling perks (premium perks actually). Probably the easiest decision I'll make all year. I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to thank Brent, and mention to the other members what a great deal P.net's Perks Pkg. is this year.

Here's the deal I got:

- 2 free P.net t-shirts (Gonna love this one)

- 2 free 2007 Calendars (Best one yet)

- Pair of 9' NRS cam buckle straps w/protectors (Note: A couple of other choices on this one.)

- Free Shipping on all the above

- 10% off anything in the p.net store

- Free premium classified ads (THAT WORK!)

- Significant discounts from some of the top name suppliers in the paddling industry

- Most times they throw in a few really nice p.net stickers to boot (always a nice bonus)

- And ofcourse, the feeling of knowing I'm supporting what certainly appears to be THE BEST paddling site on the web, and a site that's given me so many years of enjoyment, education, etc..

- Free use of the P.net Corporate Jet anytime I want (OK, I made that one up)

And all this for only 30 bucks?!! WOW!

I did go ahead and pay the extra $5 each for long sleeve shirts btw. (still only = $40 total)

There are other Perk Pkg. options btw. ($20 Reg. Perks pkg, other choices besides cam straps, etc..)All are fantastic offers.

Sure makes it difficult to keep in mind who's supporting who here. Mutual support is a great thing is it not?


WOW! What else can one say besides...

Thanks Brent!


Splash: PrePerks I signed up 2nite, too.

3rd time
Yeah, this is my third year with paddling perks. I got the premium too, which includes straps, nice nice. It just sucks that I have to pay state tax since I live near the Paddling.net headquarters…darn sales tax!

Great Deal!

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I renewed my Paddling Perks tonight as well. I agree...no-brainer. Thanks P-Net!

I just rejoined too. Went premium this
time. One long sleeve and one short sleeve. Chose tie down straps as extra gift.

Thanks for the heads up. I missed out on the extra goodies last year.

I went premium too…thanks Brent!

15% off

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the price of an already-low-priced NC kayak! I might have to get it for that alone.

2007 Premium Perks Membership - $30.00

1 - long sleeve t-shirt size (XL) - $5.00

1 - short sleeve t-shirt size (M)

2 - 2007 wall calendars

1 - Set of 2 NRS Tie-Down Straps

great deal considering what you get


I renewed immediately yesterday (with the bonus package of an extra shirt and calendar) before Brent came to his senses and changed his mind about all the extra premiums.

The calendar alone is worth the total price! What a pleasure to look up on my office wall each day and enjoy the scenery!

I more than amortized my “perks” expense last year by using the premuim ads to put some excess equipment into good hands.

Thanks Brent!!!

My perks pkg. came today!
They look even better in person.

Really like the t-shirts this year. Best ones yet! Calendars this year are as well. Also really like how P.net put the Nation-wide paddling events on the calendar, and on the days of the months as well this year. High quality straps are always useful, and as usual a couple of those nice p.net stickers to boot.

Already taking advantage of those savings too.

Note: Don’t forget to shake that box folks. I was almost disappointed when I thought I didn’t get any of those cool P.net stickers this year until I shook what I thought was an empty box and they fell out on the floor.

Well done P.net!


Pair of 9’ NRS cam buckle straps w/prote

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Pair of 9' NRS cam buckle straps w/protectors

That's worth $14.50 w/o shipping I believe.