2008 ACA Poling Schedule


I went on the Salmon River Poling Cruise Yesterday (3/29/08).

Man oh man some of those guys are really good!

We ran down the Blackledge and Salmon in Westchester Ct. The weather was kind. The swims refreshing 8-o

Ed Hayden says he is 81 and I have to work to keep up with him.

Check out the schedule if you want to. They have events in Connecticut, Mass, Maine, Missouri and New York.

Good times!

hey Tommy
I’m gonna try to hit the Natchaug next Sat. I need to buy another pole off Ed. Anyone planning on that one?

Natchaug Poling Clinic
I’m planning on being there. I went a couple years ago and it was a good time. There’s a nice 4 mile downriver trip to do afterwards. I’m trying to talk Wickerbutt into going too.

I wanted to try out the Salmon Cruise, but decided to go with the RICKA crew and pole the Hop River. It was a real nice poling river!


nice to see daylight
At the risk of sounding like Doug, I have been buried in house-building projects. Such a treat to get away on a Saturday and pull a few muscles. I’m planning on it!